RPA Professional Service

RPA Professional Service 

Our service is support customer who’s going to implement Automation Anywhere on developing and implementing RPA solution flows to operating in your organization. We provide this service to our customer the As-is flow and improving flow until the development RPA into your organization as a service. We are consultant and support to identify your process that should be automated. The criteria are time saving, cost saving and valuable to your business.

Professional Service Steps.

Identify flows : When we work into your existing process, there're many processes that need to automation. With Blue Fish‘s solution will help customer to programmable the flows that automation will help to be productive, cost saving ,time saving and improve organization ROI. The flows that were automate would be support worker to easier job, faster process, improve quality and decrease un-valuable jobs in the process. Bot able to run 24 hours and can run replicate jobs which productivity and quality will increasing every time of running process.

Scale up & POC: When we are ready to developing the RPA POC. To prove and test the selecting flows before start full developing resources into the production. The POC will advise the hardware, testing on demo environment and testing that RPA able to run as the business conditions and output are effectively

Projection: We support the resourcing, full man-day , time frame , priority and plan. Blue Fish will consult on the effectively plan which work closely with IT infrastructure team, users and project team. Blue Fish will use the projection plan to control the actions plan, time and resources.

Professional Development: Our developer team will support the developing software bot to train bots, run follows the business flow, create the tasks that was identify. The team can develop and access to the system both on-site and off-site. The expertise, consultancy and cost effective are advantage by Blue Fish itself.

Production : This stage software bots are ready to execute processes in production environment. We will monitor and handle exceptions between users and developing your team. Bots do the job with running by each tasks create by bot creator and  centralized ,manage and  schedule by control room. Our service set the  scheduler, trigger and let control room to manage bot running tasks.

Control: After bots run on real situation. Control room will report on the productivity, quantity and quality. The service can support on consulting the productivity, time frame and human errors.

Benefit of Professional Service

The service is support organization to extend RPA to additional processes with effective , productivity and securely. The developing team will support organizaton to enable you to easily add new processes, expand existing processes. We can support on bot scaling, running with effective process and utilized bot working time,number of bots and scheduling processes.