3d industry reference

Conversion Physical document to digital information and electronic content management that able to store and transfer image as digital file support the working as electronic work flow with transfer information faster and easier. With increasing customer satisfaction that faster service, accuracy. Moreover, information was back up, reducing paper use and less paper storage cost.

3D service and Blue Fish Solution design and consult electronic work flow, content management, document outsourcing service or physical document management that effective to operation process. There’re difference process and practice in each organization, industrial, Blue Fish support in managing the document problems, design effective document operation process or support operation team in outsourcing service. Blue Fish help to easy document management, able to clear pending document work load or conversion big volume or daily of physical document to digital document within cost and time line. Customer will not invest in Hardware Software or scanning team but Blue Fish service will manage project with support on Hardware Software and team to be success project that related on any document management work or document operation process.