Blue Document | Document Management Service

Document Management Service

Document management service on Consulting, design and improving on document management and operation process such as staffs resourcing, equiptment and system support for productive process and reduce searching time of document.

The services provide filing , sorting ,indexing , packing , design and set up Barcode system. Document Warehouse Managment at customer premise for most benefit in office, document warehouse space management and supporting document growth in future. 

Blue Document | Document Management Service

Document Warehouse Mnagement with QR. Code system

Consulting and designing on Document Warehouse Management. Blue Fish service to planing, designing the document management warehouse flow with tracking document status, capacity and locationing . Document will manage with QR code and on-line system. Moreover the reports the support the managing document status such as inventory report, Activity report, Loan report, Add new report, and any of customer requirement.

This service is benefit to the requirement that need to set up the document warehouse system and location at your premise. You will gain the most effective, high technology, low cost and  most  utilization space.

Blue Document | Document Management Service

Mailing Room Service

Mailing Room Service management  and distributing  document  to every internal department. Blue Fish  deliver the document to the users in each  with the SLA. And accuracyCustomer  can design the SLA and scheduling of the distributing . Blue Fish  will service by tracking system, on-line status and able to manage by report  every day.

The services combine of Recieve mail and document  both internal and external , separate  classify then deliver to the destination departments  both internal and external .

AR and AP Administration Service (Receiving Bill Service and Cheque Payment Service)

Service to support AR and AP ( Account Receiveable and Account Payable ) section of Accounting and Finance Department in the service of receiving bills and cheque payment or any that related to accounting administration document that service at your  office or at  Blue Fish . We can plan on the scheduling that help customer to improve operation process. Moreover to offer the digitization  ( scan to electronic file ) to be e-work flow for your electronic AP  document and approve in electronic work flow system . The benefit to faster process accuracy reduce document work load and improve operation process including reporting. The best to support Accounting & Financial Department to be able to finish financial report on time and  controling the  cost & expense everymonth.