Blue Develop |  Software Development Service

Software Development Service

Blue Develop |  Software Development Service

Blue Fish provide Electronic Content Management Software which ability in create document, classify document type, searching and support electronic work flow system for approve, transfer document internal and external. The software can help searching document easy and faster, effectivly and support huge volume of document increasing in future. The security of system can manage user right and level of users specific upon requirement. Customer can custom design to match to your organization project time and budget.

Blue Fish available for Document/Goods Warehouse Management software, Warehouse Inventory Control System for controling document/goods inventory, status of document/goods space to be most effective in utilization space and inventory control.

With we are experience in  Medical Record Service Segment, we  provide  Electronicnic Medical Record Software for support Hospital in managing Electronic  Medical record to less usage of paper and less patience waiting time, increase doctor treatment time.

Blue Develop |  Software Development Service

Electronic Content Management ,supporting for E-Work Flow and E-Form

Electronic Content Management Software manage working document in electronic , ability in E-work flow and E-form. Our software  developing reporting that support Management in analysis, decision making to support growing of organization.


Document Warehouse Management Software

Blue Fish developt the software to specific support the customer organization. The technology tracking by QR code for inventory, searching, status In and Out. Moreover the reporting that support on document management . Blue Fish provide consult of the operation comply to the system that developt to be best fit to your organization. The benefit to manage effectively both physical document and electronic document and able to change to be up to date to the real situation.


Electronic Medical Record Management System

Electronic Medical Record System for the purpose to convert Medical record from physical to degital , the ability to view , search, record medical record in system & digital and transfer the doctor treatment to next step by electronic and real time record of doctor treatment in electronic into system.


Classify Document Type and Indexing Software

The Classifying and indexing support Software can help your in-house scanning and digitization process to separate document type, date range, indexing that need to input to ECM software.


Software as a service

Trendy of Software usage , Software application can service as recurring service charge. Customer no investment in huge hardware anymore,the maintainance,IT support and other expense are available to support as your team. Software available 24 x 7 Because your business is important and must contingency operation that also support any change and flexible to you any situation in future.


Electronic Document job tracking

The system can help you in document queing, transfering job and notice when the working flow is need to be next step. The software can help you in business flow operation that related to your document flow.